Men arrested for hunting from planes in alaska


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  2. Four Alaskan men charged for killing walrus for their tusks and causing stampede that crushed pups
  3. Search teams in Alaska find airplane debris as they hunt for a missing medical plane
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Ketchikan, Alaska AP - A return to more normal rainfall will save money for Ketchikan's electric utility and its customers. Juneau, Alaska KINY - Frank Rogers, 27, pled guilty to charges of assault in the third degree and kidnapping and was sentenced to 11 years behind bars.

Juneau, Alaska KINY - Getting more children able to read at grade level by the third grade topped the list of goals for Anchorage, Alaska AP - Opponents of oil drilling in America's largest wildlife refuge have a message for oil drillers and the people who finance them: Don't become the company known for the demise of America's polar bears.

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Fairbanks, Alaska AP - U. Census Bureau workers in Alaska will still approach properties and homes where signs warning against trespassing are posted, officials said.

Sitka, Alaska AP - Alaska State Troopers say searchers have found the body of an excavator who had been working on a road project north of Sitka when he went missing. Army Corps of Engineers has extended its deadline to review numerous comments submitted for a draft environmental review of the proposed Pebble Mine in Alaska's Bristol Bay region. Mike Dunleavy took office.

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Juneau, Alaska KINY - Juneau Police located wanted felon Micah Nelson peacefully ending a crime spree that included an assault, attempted robbery, and an incident where gunshots were fired at police. The House voted to send to the senate fast track legislation that provides 24 million for the marine highway system to keep running and 45 million for medicaid.

Winds are Calm. Two Alaska attorneys have filed a class action lawsuit in Ketchikan, seeking to reverse a rate rise at Pioneer Homes.

Four Alaskan men charged for killing walrus for their tusks and causing stampede that crushed pups

A judge has taken 10 years off the sentence of an Alaska militia leader imprisoned for a conspiracy to murder government Major General Peter Andrysiak, U. Michael Bloomberg has not made a final decision on whether to run, according to advisers, but he is taking steps toward a One of jobs of the Alaska Department of Transportation is to make sure State roads are plowed and safe to drive on.

The pilot of a small plane that crashed into a Southern California house and burned Thursday has died, authorities said. Brooks Tunstall, who is in eighth grade at Oak Knoll, can draw a fairly accurate map of the world from memory in just 15 minutes. Matchbox Cars, the coloring book and the collectible card game Magic: The Gathering were inducted Thursday into the National Anyone with unpaid parking fines at the University of Alaska Anchorage campus has the option to reduce or cover the cost One burglary suspect was arrested after being shot in a Maryland man's home while his alleged accomplice is California senator and Democratic presidential candidate Kamala Harris has introduced a bill that aims to help working parents As daylight saving time ends, we turn back the clock and gain that hour of sleep we lost in the spring.

His hunting license was suspended for two years. The defendants were sentenced Tuesday at the Anchorage District Court. The prosecutor, Assistant Attorney General Aaron Peterson, told the court that this was "the most egregious bear cub poaching case his office has ever seen" and urged the court to impose a sentence to dissuade others from committing similar offenses in the future.

Search teams in Alaska find airplane debris as they hunt for a missing medical plane

The Renners made headlines in August after they were charged with several felony and misdemeanor crimes for shooting and killing the mother bear and the two newborns in April on an island in Prince William Sound. They tried to cover up their actions but did not realize the bears were part of an observation program by the U. The den was monitored by motion-activated camera, meaning the slayings were caught on video and audio.

The younger Renner can even be heard saying, "they'll never be able to link it to us," according to court documents obtained by KTVA. According to Alaska's Department of Law, the recordings show the Renners skiing to a remote den. Owen Renner fires at least two shots at the denning sow.

Not long after the fatal shots, the newborn cubs start "shrieking" and the elder Renner fires several shots, killing the young bears.

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The men then butchered the mother's body, placed it in game bags and skied away. Two days later, the father and son return to the site to collect the cub carcasses in a small transparent bag and skied away with the poached cubs in their possession. Two weeks later, Andrew Renner presented the sow's carcass to the state's wildlife agency and lied that he, not his son, killed the bear.

He also failed to report an "illegal take. But without active game management, vigorous enforcement of the regulations, and significant sentencings for wildlife violators, the big game in Alaska can be wiped out—and the sport, subsistence, and cultural traditions of Alaskans gone with them. These are the sentencing provisions that will let people know that Alaska does not tolerate poaching.

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The UK instituted the world's toughest ban on ivory last year which eliminated all sales of ivory and rankled collectors and dealers.