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One son that we can not name, was shot on the steps of his home from ambush, in retaliation we can but surmise. The deed was proved by Henry Johnson at the Feb Court. Witnesses were Henry Johnson and William Holman. In Rowan Co. There is no entry for the grant. Land entry of November 3, to James Whitlock specified acres on the North Fork of Dutchman's Creek" including John Gwaltney's improvements" indicates that he settled on the land prior to the time of the entry, cultivated land, etc but failed to prove up the land grant.

It is likely that the entry or survey was assigned to John Gaultney. Whatever , it places John Gaultney in Rowan Co. NC prior to Rowan County was established in out of Anson County.


Iredell County was established in out of Rowan. Dutchmans Creek is now located in the upper eastern part of Iredell Co.

John Gwaltney moved to Iredell Co. He also had 13 acres on Grassy Knob which is located in Iredell Co. So the tradition that he established the Old Gwaltney Plantation must be correct. That is where the old graveyard is, and the property has been handed down or purchased back through the family since that time. NC [visited C. She advised me not to go prowling around as the wild brush and snakes might get me. Also there was only stone markers. However I wish I had made the attempt.

It is almost a certainty that all the older Gwaltney's with out cemetery records are buried here, where John Gwaltney settled and Robert Gwaltney farmed and it has mostly remained in the Gwaltney family to this day. Someone has said that it is pronounced with a "W".

John Gwaltney our known progenitor, shows in the and census lists. The census list shows his as follows: 1male to 26 , 1 male over 45, 1 female under 10, 1 female , 1 female over He was farmimg as 2 agricultural workers are marked.


North Carolina Vital Records

He evidently died prior to September 25, when his estate sale was held, and its account signed by Sarah Weaver. We know that in John Gwaltney was 45 yrs old according to the census, which would make him born about He had married Sarah Cook born about a sister to Richard Cook [died- ] and after John's death she had maried a Weaver. Sarah Cook Gwaltney would have had to married very soon after John's death to have signed his estate records and we find other listings for a Sarah Gwaltney later on.

This may not be correct but it is an opinion. If this Sarah is John's wife then ,she had to have been born earlier than This also looks like John only had one wife. This is the land that John Gwaltney bought in three transactions in and as outlined below. NC Newbern Dist. NC [this entry is??? NC [this entry is???? NC Census-John M. Gortney Robb Gortney Alexander Co. Gaultney age teacher of classics George Gaultney age 27 -farm laborer Alexander Co. Gaultney- age 23 John C. Gaultney -age 19 W. Gaultney George Gaultney Alexander Co.

He was born June 11, , and died December 12, ; m. February 16, ; m. May 14, , Rocky Hill, N. July 18, October 03, February 24, April 27, ; m. October 16, ; m.

Watauga County, NC Vital Records

December 29, ; m. April 24, October 26, ; m. April 10, July 27, ; m. Gaultney 1.

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He is listed in census. Robert Guiltney is listed as soldier in War of from Iredell County in Robert Gwartney is sworn in for Jury duty in Iredell County in Gaultney Send by Dorothy Bradshaw on June 11, April 02, , Alexander Co. February 02, December 08, ; d.

Vital Records – Avery County Register of Deeds

July 20, , Alexander Co. JOHN E. NC; d.

March 08, February 28, ; d. February 13, , Buried Shady Grove Cemetery. April 09, July 16 - ; m. December 02, October 26, She was born , and died Abt. February 19, , Lincoln Co. August , Alexander Co.

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  • Lenoir Family Papers, , .
  • June 23, , N. March 10, , Banner Elk, N. April 10, , Alexander Co. Buried Hopewell Cemetey. William Gwaltney born c. William settled in what is known as "old Gwaltney Place" in Alexander County.. Witness John Gwaltney. Jurat Nathan Gwatney. Phoebe born c. The founder of Mayberry family in America is felt to be Francis Mayberry born??

    Va receiving a patent dated 1 Oct. This family name is spelled also as Maybury, Mabury and Mabry. William Gaultney is listed as a soldier in the War of from Iredell County. William Gwaltney is listed in Iredell County census of NC on 3 May William Gosliney [?

    Gaultney sent by Dorothy Bradshaw -June 11, As married women they had no property rights, and this was an inheritance by Susannah Sale and Phoebe Gwaltney from interest in Mayberry and it is probable that this is what brought on the sale. Witnessed by Joseph and James S. He was sometimes called Gator. October 04, ; d. January 13, MARY E. June 11, , Alexander Co. Buried Hopewell Cemetery. June 14, ; d. C, and died February 02, She was born October 03, , and died June 08, NC Census Page Gaultney , Joshua m yrs 1m yrs 1f-5yrs 2fyrs 1fyrs agric 3.

    First marked grave in cemetery was dated , school established E Gwaltney -born died- Albert Gwaltney born died in confederate Army All of the above names was on one tombstone. Notes made by Carolyn G. Laws and Lois G. Unknown, army of the measles. July 19, ; d. February 19, Ancestry Ass. She was born March 25, William Hendren Sr. He was an officer in the American Army in the Revolutionary War. He married a Miss Taylor and moved to Rowan Co. They settled on the headwaters of Rocky Creek in Wilkes Co.

    February 27, ; d. July 07, , Buried Linneys Grove Cemetery. July 26, September 09, , Alexander County, N. December 15, , Alexander Co. North Wilkesboro, N.