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  1. Over 700 sex offenders living in Minnehaha County
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Over 700 sex offenders living in Minnehaha County

Police Det. Ron Harris, who oversees the sex offender registry for his department, said it's logical that more offenders would settle in the area after leaving transitional housing, which requires they have jobs, enough cash in the bank to survive in the outside world and housing before they're released. He said he doesn't have data that proves that, though. Sex offender registries kept by law enforcement have been more or less open to the public since around when President Bill Clinton signed Megan's Law requiring sex offenders and their whereabouts be disclosed to the public. It's named after Megan Kanka, a 7-year-old New Jersey girl who was kidnapped, raped and killed by her neighbor, Jesse Timmendequas, in Her parents were unaware he was a sex offender.

In more recent years, registries have gotten more attention with the kidnap and murder of University of North Dakota student Dru Sjodin by another sex offender, Alfonso Rodriguez Jr. That prompted the creation of a national registry named after her.

Gletne said because housing for sex offenders is so hard to come by-few communities want them and public notification means even friends and families may refuse them-Jamestown has become a destination for many offenders coming from other parts of the state. When registering offenders for the first time, police often ask why they happen to be in Jamestown, he said, and often the answer is because the state Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation has placed them with the transition homes.

He said there has been little opposition to the construction of transition homes here, which he attributes to hospital and prison employees in the community just being used to dealing with former felons. Gletne said keeping close tabs on sex offenders the way Jamestown police officers do has been effective.

It develops that relationship.

We're checking on them every month, visiting with them. They know we're thinking about them. They know we're out there. I do think that has to have some impact. It's rare, he said, that a registered sex offender commits another sex crime in the community-he could only think of two since he started with the department more than 40 years ago- though other minor crimes, such as thefts, aren't unknown.

One of those re-offenders was Walter J.

Find Neighborhoods, Home Values, Schools, Demographics, Local Discussions, Maps, & much more.

Grant Jr. The state registry said he sexually assaulted a woman in and in Krabbenhoft said she hasn't seen any direct correlation between a higher rate of sex crimes and where sex offenders live. Experts have said recidivism rates for sex offenders are relatively low. The Minnesota Department of Corrections found in a study that only 6 percent of offenders were convicted of another sex crime within three years of being released and 3 percent were again in prison for such a crime.

Among North Dakota felons released from state prisons, about 14 percent commit another crime within three years, according to state data on those released in , the latest publicly available.

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Trending Articles. News Jun 23rd - 12am. Football Nov 5th - 8pm. Nation Nov 7th - 10pm. Despite several states having them, residency restrictions may not actually help prevent sex offenders from harming children.

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The Bureau of Justice Statistics has found that 93 percent of children who have been sexually abused were victimized by someone they knew, rather than a stranger. Furthermore, a report from the Colorado Department of Public Safety found that sex offenders who re-offended were not more likely to live near schools than those who did not re-offend.

Sex Offenders | City of Madison, SD

In fact, having fewer living areas available to sex offenders can make it more difficult for them to receive the stability and treatment that can help prevent them from offending again, according to the Center for Sex Offender Management. Even if a sex offender lives outside the safety zone, such as in the Yankton situation, school officials and community leaders can raise public awareness and ask parents to notify police if any issues arise. How close to schools can sex offenders live in South Dakota?

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Kenneth Stark, 69, is on the sex offender registry for sexually assaulting a 7-year-old girl in Nebraska. South Dakota Sex Offender Registry.