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They lived in York , PA. Mary died in Brooklyn, Louis died in Brooklyn, Louis' wife's parent Anita Smith, 83, passed away March 27, Erma Anita Dash was born Nov. Most people affectionately B13x This is a family directory of the Bacon and other tied families. Bibliographic Information: Bacon, J. Smith 4. James E.

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Thompson b. Thornton 3. James Dunbar II Thompson b. Hello Paul, Thank you for your latest message. I am not researching the Matthews or Phillips families, but wanted to see how much information about them could be found in online databases. Please ke Hasson b: Abt. Looking for any descendants of James and Lillian Bevan please.

The Maybee Society

Emigrated by self Was a champion tennis pro and club tenn They then came to Dubuque County, Iowa and are in the census there. Philibert went by Ph Hi It sure is great to finally find people who are searching the same line as me. Isaac and Lillian Unk I believe where Revelle's parents? This is what I have- Isaac P. Richard Glover - Marketing Man, n.

Judge Harold Giles interview re-run, July 18,??? Insurance Crunch, n. David Jackson on the Media, n. Bob Nelson ", January 22,???

Aids Victim Jim St. Ian Smith - Cancer Research, n. Smoking, n.

Descendants of Henry Balcombe

Special feed for Peter Warren Fed, February 8,??? Texe Marrs exposes Peter Warren, n. Interview re: Warren award, Warren for November 14, John N. Keith Davey two 4x6s 14 miscellaneous photos. Edward R.

LeBlanc & MacLean Families of Nova Scotia - Related Obituaries

Joe Clark, Grant Devine, Rt. Warren's C. This fonds consists correspondence including e-mail , newspaper articles, and personal notes. Correspondents include radio listeners of Mr. The audio-tapes include interviews with Premier Gary Filmon and various editorials and interviews conducted by Mr. The accession primarily consists of correspondence to Peter Warren through his radio shows. Also included are newspaper clippings, information about his induction to the Broadcaster's Hall of Fame, and various writings by Peter Warren.

Harrison, Dick. Montreal: Balck Rose Books, Colombo, J. This accession consists of recording of Robert W.

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Service reading three of his poems, interview with Warren re: Freedom of Press; interview with Muhammed Ali and various Action Line recordings. Some correspondence contains research material sent to Warren to use on his show. The accession consists of Warren's editorials for his national, CKNW radio shows and his letters from and occasionally to his listeners for year to March The accession consists of Warren's editorials for his national, CKNW radio shows and his letters from and occasionally to his listeners for year The accession consists of newspaper clippings and letters about Peter Warren, editorials for his national open-line radio program every Saturday and Sunday on CKNW, and his correspondence from and occasionaly to his listeners for Libraries Home.

Mss 87, Correspondence, Box Folder. Editorial Comments. News Clips Suggested from the "Action-Line". Newspaper Columns. Miscellaneous Subject Files. Peter Warren et al. Internal Memos.

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TC 62, Audio-tapes, Miscellaneous Tapes. Tc 62 A. VHS Cassettes. Reel-to-reel audio recordings. Parasiuk - needs intro and extro May 27, Guest book, Includes: Four journalism note books kept by P. Warren, s. Certificates received Excerpts re: Peter Warren from published books. Correspondence and Subject Files: A-C. News clippings re: PeterWarren, Columns by Peter Warren, Grand Forks Herald N. Dakota , News clippings re: Peter Warren, [ ]. Miscellaneous Correspondence. Scripts of Aired Warren Editorials. Clippings, etc. Peter Warren Columns for the "Winnipeg Sun".

Peter Warren Columns for Weekly Newspapers. Legal Cases. Aldinger construction Ltd.

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Krivoshea vs. Red River Ex. Pfaff vs. Performax Systems Ltd. Nagler vs. Harvey vs. Bryks vs. Hardwick vs. The Government of Manitoba. John Loring Patrick Sinclair vs. The Law Society Act. Correspondence and Subject Files. Bear Safe. Child and Family Services. Conductive Education. Dead-Beat Dads. Doctor's Sex Abuse. Milgaard, David. Sheard, Willy. Styles, Gerry. Missing Person: Cathy Lynn Williams. Police, Winnipeg.

Scams, Fraud Artists. Chadderton, Cliff. War Babies.