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How to run a free VIN check, no credit card needed? Access our comprehensive database to get a full vehicle history report using our free VIN check. No worries.

Get a FREE VIN check with autoDNA

Run our free license plate lookup tool to get the same full report. Worried about the alarming increase of flooded cars for sale? We sift through tons of data to give you details you can use to evaluate any car:. Compare and contrast the details provided to you by the seller with what the vehicle history report provides. Fuel Efficiency : how far a car can travel on a specific amount of fuel.

Free Vehicle Check

This is important information at a time like this with unstable gas price and uncertain economy. A lien on a vehicle means you have to pay the lien-holder first if you are going to buy it. Accident Records : minor and major accidents especially those covered by a police report. Some cars sustain damages so extensive they become unsafe to ride.

Make sure to buy a car with reliable and safe parts for the road.

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Theft Records : reports of theft and theft recoveries from NICB the federal crime bureau and industry sources. Most of these stolen vehicles are resold to unsuspecting buyers.

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A vehicle history report could point you to an active theft or recovered theft record. Flood damage has become a serious problem in the United States in recent years.

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  • In , Hurricane Harvey flooded an estimated half a million cars. In , more water-damaged cars re-enter the used car market due to round of flooding brought by hurricanes. However, these problems could resurface in the future.

    It leads the buyer to believe it is worth more than its actual price. Knowing the exact mileage is critical to safe driving. It can tell you if the car has reached the mileage where some of its parts require replacement.

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    The best-known vehicle history reports are sold by Carfax and AutoCheck , but you can get some limited background information for free from several sources. The vehicle history report pulls all the various records together in a single document.

    All this information indicates — without even going to physically inspect the car — whether you should buy it. You can buy individual vehicle history reports or a subscription for a limited time, usually the number of weeks it takes to shop for and buy a used car.

    Vehicle Registration Details Online, Check Vehicle Information in India

    A free way to get very basic information about a used car is to visit the National Insurance Crime Bureau. If you type in the identification number of the car you want to buy, you will at least be able to see if it has been issued a salvage title or if it was stolen. Another way to get free vehicle history reports is through online classified car ads.

    If you are used car shopping in person, either at an independent used car lot or a car dealership, simply ask the salesperson for the vehicle history report. Nearly all dealers have an ongoing subscription to one of the vehicle history report services and should provide the report for free. With so many reporting sources — insurance agencies, vehicle registries, mechanics, etc. But only some errors are covered, so read the fine print carefully.